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Twisperer & gaumengold

Juli 14, 2013


Brought to you by twisperer – the smart location diary. 

marbel sorbet vanilla, tempura taragon, rasberry, passionfruit, mango, black currant, vanilla milk &mandarin.

Twisperer meets gaumengold / June 11, 2013

This week Twisper is bringing the traveling chef duo Gaumengold to Street Food Thursday in Berlin’s Markthalle Neun. Having worked in one of London’s best restaurants, the Michelin-starred Viajante (Portugese for traveler), they’re ready now to take on street food. Their modernist, whimsical style of cooking is both sumptuous and surprising. The Twisperer caught up with them as they began their preparations.

What is Gaumengold and how did it come to be?

Gaumengold is Thomas Elstermeyer and Mitja Birlo. We travel around the world cooking. We’ve both worked in Spain, Australia, London and in a lot of different regions in Germany from Schwarzwald (The Black Forest) to Hamburg.

The last two years we’ve worked with Nuno Mendes and his chef de cuisine Leandro Carreira at the Viajante restaurant in London. We’re here in Berlin to open up a restaurant, but not just any restaurant. There won’t be service staff, only chefs who serve the food and explain the dishes, seeing the reaction while people eat.

We think it’s a very honest way to cook for guests. Chefs won’t be able to hide in the kitchen, it’s all going to be open so the costumer can see how we prepare and plate the dishes. Then we’ll be able to explain exactly what we’re doing and why.

Twisper, night market, Street Food Thursday, Gaumengold, Street food, Twisper Events,

boar, apple, cinnamon, hazelnuts, malto hazelnutoil & wild herbs.

Our culinary style is a mixture of everything around us, but in general I would say we do Kaseki menus (traditional multi-course Japanese dinner). We use any ingredient we think is interesting and we don’t differentiate between a salsify (a root vegetable) and a lobster, every thing has the same level of importance and has to meet the same number of significant conditions.

Twisper, night market, Street Food Thursday, Gaumengold, Street food, Twisper Events,

bubble moscow mule & tapioka pearls.

Who do you usually cook for?

Most of the time for really nice people!

How do you separate the work in the kitchen? Who does what?

Mitja and I, we do everything together. Sharing the work. One team, one dream!

What’s your favorite part of being a chef?

The best thing about being a chef is making people really happy and creating memories, which hopefully last for a long time.

What’s your favorite kind of Street Food?

My favorite is definitely Yum Buns pork buns in East London at Broadway Market. They are the best!

What should we expect from Gaumengold at Street Food Thursday?

Well one thing we’ve noticed is that there aren’t many desserts at the market for those of us with a sweet tooth. We’re going to change that this week.

It’s going to be a hot one on Thursday, so expect a dessert that will refresh and delight with an extra special drink to compliment it.


sorbet of various fruits.

You’ll find the Twisper and Gaumengold stand at Markthalle Neun this Thursday, June 13th 2013. 19:00 – 22:00.

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